IT to Play Critical Role in Business in 2015

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The majority of CEOs and business owners (93 percent) believe their companies’ IT departments will play critical roles in their business in 2015, according to a new survey released by Modis

The 2014 Modis CEO survey conducted by the employment firm earlier this month, revealed that chief information officers (CIO) are trusted to hire the right IT talent, with the majority of CEOs and business owners (98 percent) trusting their heads of IT to appropriately invest in technology that will grow their business.  

The survey also reported that CIOs are successfully articulating their value to other departments, with 98 percent of CEOs and business owners saying they adequately articulate the role IT plays at their company. 

Surveyed business chiefs also report their IT as mostly on par or above expectation, with 51 percent of CEOs and business owners saying their IT department is on par with their return on investment, and 36 percent who believe their IT department are above expectation. Only 7 percent of surveyed CEOs and business owners believe their IT department is not meeting expectation. 

Nearly half (48 percent) of those surveyed reported an intent to increase their IT budget in 2015, while almost as many reported keeping it the same (46 percent). Only 5 percent of CEOs and business owners are planning to decrease their IT budget in 2015.

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